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Launch of Internet Marketing and Business Buying Seminars!!

Learn …
• How to value a business
• The truth about government funding.
• How to buy a business with no money of your own?
• How to value a business using a third grade math formula.
• How to determine if there are unpaid bills before you buy.
• How to value the “public good will worth” of a business before you buy.
• How do you keep employees from jumping ship after the sale.
• Why everything you have ever been told about business is a big lie.
• Learn the best technique for finding profitable businesses.
• Why never to trust a business brokers?
• How to get the banks to work with you as a last resort
• How to get 100% financing for existing businesses?
• The truth about business plans.
• How to find good managers/directors to run the business for you?
• How much involvement you should have in your new businesses.

All of this content is available via seminar in your local area for only $12.00!! !!

December 13,2012 beginning 10 a.m. in Dallas/Ft.Worth Tx. !! Location will be announced to paying participants!!

In addition to One Year Free Business Consultation!!

Guaranteed Business/Marketing Results will continue to serve You until you received desired Business result in Writing!!

One Year  Free Business/Commercial Loan consultation! Will also for modest fee create Business/Commercial Loan packages!!

And much more!!

Do You Want More Business?

I can show you how to:

** Drastically cut your advertising expenses

** Increase your profits

** Bring new customers through your front door

** Automate the entire process

** Bring your business into the 21st century!

Call me today for a *FREE* no strings 15 minute consultation.

Lloyd A .Carrington Jr. 972-891-9364 I will only work with ONE business per industry per zip code!

Call me TODAY before your competition does!

Lloyd A. Carrington Jr. 972-891-9364 

Immediately contact me:

Lloydcarringtonjr@yahoo.com also PAYPAL EMAIL!!!!


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