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Non Profit Joint Ventures

How Does It Work?


As a business consultant I specialize in helping companies and organizations reach their full potential.

I have found many creative methods for generating almost “instant” cashflow for those who are willing to work with me. There is little or no out of pocket expense for everyone involved and the payoff can be the quick cash infusion you need!

You also don’t have to worry about:

* A stack of forms to fill out and submit

* Waiting to find out if you qualify

* Government budget cuts

* Waiting for the funding to come through

* Working with grant writers

* Hours of chasing the paper trail




There Is A Better Way!
It’s Called Joint Venturing!

A joint venture is simply joining forces and sharing the added revenue. This can be a one time partnership or an ongoing funding source month after month. The choice is yours!

In order to be successful a joint venture must benefit everybody involved. It must benefit the organization, the partner and the end user.

Most non-profit organizations already use joint ventures in a myriad of different ways, they just don’t realize it. Sponsoring car washes, candy sales, book or magazine sales or even candles are examples of joint ventures.

In other words, you have already worked with three different entities.

* A sponsor (you)

* A sales team (members or students)

* A company who delivers the product (me)

Most organizations only net 20 to 30% of the revenue as the rest is split between the supplier and the representative. This is not the case with me. I need no representatives, so there is no third party to pay!

Contact me today for a free, no obligation consultation:

Lloyd A. Carrington Jr.




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