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Greetings in Jesus name,

The Kingdom of Jesus Christ is based upon order. The operation of God‘s purpose, will , and vision has been will always be in decency and in order. The gospel of the kingdom promotes the advancement of God the father purpose by the spirit of God through man. The kingdom mind being led by the spirit of God to colonize and legislate the will of God on earth as it is in heaven.Being fruitful and multiplying the kingdom mindset to the souls of the father with whom he has divine assignments for. Witnesses without spot blemish , wrinkles or any such thing. Spirit filled and led by truth that the light of the gospel of the kingdom shall be made manifest. A world that is taken captive and also in bondage through the darkness of the world system. May acquire the blessed salvation and deliverance that is in Christ Jesus . Yesterday, today, and always forever the eternal ruler of heaven and earth !! Amen

Love the love of the true and living God who heights and depths has no limits or boundaries. The power of love mandates the revelation of the gospel of the kingdom of God. Transforming the mind of darkness unto the kingdom of lights through God’s eternal and perfect love through Christ Jesus. Love also mandate the bearing of the weaknesses and whatsoever thing that would impair the purpose of God’s will. The great of the King of glory has no failure thus a kingdom that has no spots or blemishes. Love see the fault and error and make accommodation through forbearance and endurance that only true love can manifest. God’s love is complete entire and not lacking. Thus love is always the first order of operation.

Glory to God in the highest in Jesus name,

Lloyd A. Carrington Jr.



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