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Kingdom of God in man !! The temple God want to abide in!!


In the holy and blessed name of Christ Jesus!! These days much focus is on the carnal or seen world. Appearance , form, custom and tradition is the basis of many people judgement and opinion . Our God through Christ Jesus Kingdom  is a invisible one.  By the word of God and faith we have been told (2 Corinthians 6:16) of God’s desire to live i us. Man was create for God’s purpose  to live in man and rule earth through man by his spirit . We are designed to be God’s living temples to dwell in through everlasting covenant.

Man the freshly tabernacle of God is the place God crave to dwell in and abide. Thus man’s mouth become God’s mouth. Man’s hand has become  God’s hands. God from heaven can rule on earth through man. Man through the Holy Ghost reign in heaven  in Jesus. This God design before the fall of Adam in garden was the prototype of the perfect man. Man that has everlasting life is prefect in Christ  Jesus. We are the true worship place for God.


Our world church is focused more on buildings of stone and brick then the fleshly temples of man. Thus the Kingdom of God in the hearts of man (Matt. 13:19) is not realize even acknowledged in some circles. The mind of God is the principle thing here. The spirit of God dwelling in man designed to lead men into all truth (John14:17)  God is so awesome. World church seems to intent on devising new doctrines . Reintroduction to man’s preferred state that being perfected through everlasting life through Christ Jesus!!



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