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Greetings in and by the blood and the name of Jesus,

Praise be to God the father for the second Adam Christ Jesus. I chatted with a young man yesterday and of course the conversation went to the Kingdom. Myself after some time have come to the conclusion we all need the revelation of God. The Kingdom of God  the power God is our saving grace. Yes we go to places of worship. Sadly as Jesus stated in Matt. 23 many that are preaching and teaching or not even in the Kingdom. Thus many is missing the inheritance of the Kingdom Of God (Isaiah 5:14). False teaching has been prevalent for ages. Men who seem bend and destined to everlasting damnation are by the droves being deceived. We all must give the most earnest heed and cling to Jesus words (Luke 9:60).


The young man and I was talking and of course he was interested in what church I attended. I am a member of a church secondarily. Firstly I am a citizen of the Kingdom of God through Christ Jesus. I was lead to share that mainstream church do not seem interested in the Kingdom or the mindset of it. Church world doctrine is abounding in these last days as Jesus declared.  We must daily seek the Kingdom (Matt6:33) meaning we must get and stay in touch with the possessor of Heaven and Earth. We need his daily intervention to enable us to perfect his purpose in us. We are reminded we are to have heaven in us. The church world has become so rapture minded. Keep the Kingdom in us we will not have to be concern with the rapture but our inheritance. The Kingdom of God!! Kingdom citizens have a day of victory!!


Lloyd C       


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