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The church need the Kingdom

Greetings The Kingdom of God is at hand,

I was chatting with a man of God who is homeless temporarily. He feels hopeless because of his circumstances. I was led to remind me being born of the spirit affords him special benefits. Through the spirit of God we do not live on earth only. We are seated in heaven with Christ Jesus. The world isn’t our inheritance non our home. The Kingdom of God is our inheritance through Christ Jesus. He was hurt my the professing and non possessing christians who he felt would stand by him in trouble.It is written there is a people that honor me with there lips (Mark 7:6). The church needs the Kingdom the church has no power the Kingdom. Until we seek the kingdom with all of our hearts. The words of Isaiah could come to pass for many (Isaiah 5:14). Seek the Kingdom (Matt 6:33)


Lloyd C


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