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The need for the Kingdom Mindset

Greetings in Jesus name,


Kingdom of God is suffering violence surely the violent take by force!! Christians many times are in this state of mind because of ignorance of the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ. The church world is still stuck on old order. The customs of the days of Moses and the oldness of the letter versus the newness of life in Christ Jesus. Thus the world is in a greater state of darkness because the professors of Jesus is not possession the victory that is in Christ Jesus. This stems from the previous point old order, custom and traditions, philosophy and the ways of the world. Firstly the church has never had any power!! The power has always been in the Kingdom.Secondly the church refuse to submit to the government of God.The Kingdom of God which is the power and the glory. Church is worship yet the church worship is tainted because of the rebellion aganist the Kingdom . Or obeying rebellious spirits through commission of omission.God permit will continue another time!!





Our dark world need the Kingdom of God message because our old and dead works are curse. The kingdom of God message impresses adopting the mind of God. The church is too concern with going to heaven versus getting heaven into man.Once heaven is in man or the Kingdom into man the will of God can be perfected in man.As Jesus stated in Matt 23 many in pulpits are that are teaching have not be born again.Thus lied the problem blind leading the blind.  .


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