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Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ to the Glory of God the Father!!


The Spirit of the true and Living God( The Holy Ghost) continue to remind me to discern. Discern between the Kingdom Of God (K.O.G) and church . For many, many, years those in leadership church organizations  Has been agressive in advancing and promoting church purpose versus K.O.G. purpose. We will quickly and prayerfully get to our purpose in God through Christ Jesus. Firstly we must understand what God’s divine will and purpose for man was and still is . On earth as it is in heaven

God’s purpose for man was for man to be used of God by his spirit to rule earth through man by his spirit. Adam’s fall in the garden resulted in a broken relationship thus God took his spirit from Adam.  Man has forever been trying to please God through works (Ephesians 2:9). It is by the spirit of God we have fellowship (Zechariah 4:6), (John 4:24) through Christ Jesus we walk according to the newness of the spirit. Thus the church principal issues are; Missing God purpose that we are the means to reveal the K.O.G. to the world. And perhaps the greatest lie told we are going to HEAVEN!!

God’s plan and purpose for man has always been putting Heaven in us. The Lord’s Prayer makes greater sense in this light( Excuse me we are walking by faith) the K.O.G. must come before his will is done. The Heavenly hope that we so greatly cling to should occur within first. We must be born into the K.O.G. for the will of God be done ( Matthew 5). If we search the scriptures with the spirit of revelation knowledge being the basis instead of the oldness of the letter (Romans 7:6). We see the references to Heaven either applies to Heaven coming from God (Rev.21-2) . Jesus so sweetly states  (John 18:36, John 3:5) his Kingdom or the one the he represent (Isaiah 9:7) clearly represent the K.O.G. abides within.


Prayerfully our collective prayer should be we are all lead through the Spirit of Revelation knowledge. We should be encouraged to put off the old man (Ephesians 4:22) and seek first the K.O.G. (Matt 6:33).


Father God of Heaven and Earth this  petition of faith in accordance with your divine will and purpose that we would all be born again through Christ Jesus you Holy son that through his Blood our sins you do not see or remember anymore that those who would receive by faith the Spirit of Revelation of your Word and walk in the newness of everlasting life in Jesus Name!!


Amen, Amen

Lloyd C



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