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Greetings in Jesus Name!!


Jesus purpose was and is to reconcile man to God the Father. Purpose is the principal thing because everything God do is not vain. God’s purpose is to empower man to walk in the spirit of the true and living God. The Lord did all he could for the purpose of the Kingdom of God to be established in man’s heart. Life being abundant in man through Christ Jesus . The second Adam (Christ Jesus) being the restorer of man’s fellowship with God. What was Jesus Christ  principal purpose on earth.


Jesus came to be a ransom for mankind. The deliverer of man from the curse of the enemy (Satan) . The believer’s purpose is likewise to not only be delivered but to be a deliverer through the life of Jesus. The resurrection power of Christ Jesus provide the new life that is only available through him. Our live is hid in him and our purpose is in The Lord. Our purpose was on purpose  for us to be in oneness in Christ Jesus.   In spirit and in  truth of The Prince of The Kingdom Of God. Our purpose is tied toward our inheritance of The Kingdom of God. Thus our life of faith is the purpose that is required for  the believer  to abide in the will of God.


Purpose driven life of Christ Jesus is based upon the service of others.  Discipleship versus just being a Churchgoer. God purpose is designed for the joint heirs of Christ to not only love one another but to serve one another. Love in action was and is the principal thing. Much more should be addressed concerning our purpose in Christ.!!!


Lloyd C



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