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Praise be to the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Christ Jesus Eternal Ruler of the World without end!!


Walking in the newness of live was the eternal purpose of Jesus Christ. That through his spirit we would have live and have it more abundantly. Man seem content on walking in the filthy garments of self righteousness, and rejecting the righteousness of Jesus.  Denying the old man is  are should be a daily battle for the  soul that aspire to inherit The Kingdom of God. Our world daily reject the principles of The Kingdom through unbelief. The Apostle Peter stated plainly that judgement would begin at the house of God. Christians are those that would inherit the Kingdom of God through faithful fellowship in Christ Jesus.


The Church has not only allowed darkness to come into the church but fully embraced and entertain it. Souls has taken on the darkness of the world and seek the pleasure of the world and not being lovers of God.  Will of God has been portrayed as taboo are outdated. Even though it is written The Lord change not!! Thus is the peril of  man of not putting off the old man and it’s deceitful lusts.  Man entertain most every new damnable doctrine that come into existence. The Holy Ghost is the most important man. God’s spirit require those that are joint heirs with Jesus to walk in the spirit of the true and living God. Mankind yet continue to seek to  please the flesh.


The Holy Ghost is the guide to Heaven. Man’s resistance to the presence of God is a great cause of distress. The enemy gain greater access to the hearts of man and those that lead others resemble Jesus saying the blind leading the blind. God’s spirit renews our mind to check our garments. Are we clothe in the fine linen of God’s righteousness?Are the filthy rags of unrighteousness??? Prayerfully we all must examine ourselves and prove our own faith lest we be reprobates as Apostle Paul written. May God’s glory abide upon mightily upon the household of faith!!


Lloyd C


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