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Glory to God in the highest in Jesus name!!


Glory be to God the Father of The Lord Jesus Christ!! We all must be encouraged to Glory in the Lord. Christ Jesus work on the cross perfectly corrected the error of fallen man. Adam and Eve rebellion of disobedience in the garden cursed all of mankind. Man was no longer in fellowship with God the Father thus mans’ final destination after death from this life was Hell. Jesus being the second Adam according to the scriptures redeemed man from the curse of sin through his precious blood  he shed on the Cross. The was and still is precious in the sight of God the Father mankind should not be deceive. The Blood of the Lamb covers the sins of man and sin do not please the Father. The Blood of Jesus however restore the fellowship the Father so greatly desire through his son Jesus .


Man’s continued willful ignorance of God’s righteousness through Christ Jesus bears witness to man’s corrupt flesh. Flesh and blood will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Thus the need for Jesus to become the word in the flesh. To become the accursed thing in the place of rebellious man. Glory be the God!! Glory should always be to God. However there are dark souls who have allow the enemy (SATAN) to overthrow there faith. Being deceived by the works of unrighteousness seeking to glory in themselves and the flesh of other’s. Beloved we must remain steadfast on the path of glory The Blood of The Lamb! We should glory on the cross, and the blood of Jesus. This age has forsaken the path of God’s righteousness and pursue covetousness , and the riches of this world. Love for God should always be first man’s love for self and the things of this world is severely challenging the faith of man.



Lloyd C



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