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Praise God the Father for his Precious  Son Jesus!!


Jesus gave himself for the church. He is coming for a church without, spot, blemish, wrinkle or any such thing as it is written.   Through Jesus we have been styled as fleshly tabernacles or churches. Living vessels that the spirit of Jesus will fill and abide within us. It written he would dwell with us we abide in his word and his word abide in us. Reconciling God and man through himself the great mediator between God and man. Jesus greatness is not to be compared. Those that abide in the faith of his word are charged to be a walking living church a living epistle. I pray that those that profess Jesus be diligent as we all should be in following his instructions.


We must surely be born again of his spirit according the scriptures. The book of Romans Apostle Paul told the people if they had not the spirit of Jesus Christ they was none of his. What is it with people who wrongly believe they can have fellowship with God in the flesh? Ignorance of the scriptures willfully at that. God word make it plain we must worship God in spirit and in truth.  Some instances you could enter so called places of worship it is like you are in a empty tomb. Christ Jesus is to be celebrated he is the soon coming King . He is coming to be adore and he can only be adored in the liberty that is him. Our sins washed and covered by the blood of the lamb Praise God.


We must abide in faith, the faith of God’s word. It is written if it is not of faith it is sin. Jesus is the only man to overcome sin thus anything contrary is sin. Our sin cursed world system has no salvation and The Father has already condemned it. We must abide in Jesus not to be rescued by Jesus but to overcome the enemy The King is coming for those that has overcome the enemy. The Prince of Peace has equipped the believer through the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is the most important man on earth because Jesus gave him charge. Without the Holy Ghost man has no fellowship with God the Father or Jesus.  It is written the Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost bear witness in Heaven. The spirit, water, and the blood bear witness on earth. Again being in flesh is a accursed thing and also flesh and blood shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.


Going to church alone will not be enough the Devil goes to church. The religious practices and exercises of the past or even today is accursed in God’s sight. Jesus had nothing but reproof for the religious leaders of his day. There rejection of God’s righteousness and there thirst for corruption and also covetousness was rebuked sharply by Jesus. Hirelings was one of many things he called them concerning there wickedness and the many other works of there darkness he denounced fiercely. The Church are public dwelling places we call such could be resemble as the place of the money changers in some instances. We must come alive to God’s word and walk in the power of his might in the Holy Ghost. One’s is not walking in the power of God practicing sin and not repenting and renewing there walk of life in Christ Jesus. Without forgiveness , and repentance we have no fellowship in Jesus. It is written sin is not to have dominion in our lives. We have no problem with playing church and going through all the religious sayings and cliches without the salvation of Jesus. Scriptures stated in the days of Jeremiah that the spirit of God cry for the backsliden house of Israel to turn around. Modern day church goers many are in a backsliden state and continue to reject Jesus. Jesus declare straight is the gate narrow is the way that leaded to life and there will be few to find it. Prayerfully we should examine ourselves daily to prove ourselves that we are worthy in Jesus name.!!


Lloyd C 


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