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Glory to God in Jesus Name to whom is Glory and Majesty, Dominion and Power both now and Forever more !! Amen!!

Praise be to God our walk with Christ Jesus is one based upon his mercy. Through Jesus work on the cross dying for the sins of mankind to the glory of God The Father. God the Father look to and only look to  his son Jesus work on the cross as the sole basis of his pleasure. Man cannot please God in the flesh because flesh is cursed in the sight of God. Thus the works of Jesus Christ is the prevailing work that man should boast. Jesus proclaimed that no man come to the Father but by him. This is because as stated The Father is only pleased and can only be pleased with Jesus Christ only. Without Christ Jesus it is impossible for man to have fellowship with God the Father man is a accursed thing in the sight of God. This was why Jesus death on the cross was so ugly. Jesus had become the accursed thing.

Our age today man act as if Jesus work on the cross is of no effect. People daily exalt themselves and abased others based on there self righteousness and their own works. Cursed is anyone according to the scriptures that has confidence in the flesh. Flesh is cursed and has no inheritance in The Kingdom of God. The works of the flesh alone not being lead by the Spirit of the True and Living God has no merit in the sight of God. Men reject God’s spirit and his Word which is one. Man cannot work his way into the Kingdom of God through Christ Jesus. The Spirit of God can only lead one to the Kingdom of God not works any man should boast. Works in God’s order are to be a expression of Christ Jesus in his spirit of love. Jesus stated to the religious leaders of his day if they did there works to glorify themselves or man they have there reward. This is the state of man today pride, self righteousness , and the willful rejection of God’s righteousness which is through Jesus Christ.

Expressing the love of God through works to glorify Jesus Christ is the basis God the Father is pleased with . Deny self daily and picking up the cross of Christ was and through the Holy Ghost a daily mandate. This is why we have to and must be born again of the Spirit of God or the Holy Ghost. Works that are following or those being lead by the Spirit of God is the works God is pleased with. Works that are in obedience and in captivity to the will of God in Jesus. Works absence of pride and vain glory seeking to please self or man. Man pleasing is evil in the sight of God we are made for the purpose and pleasure of God. Prayerfully we all may renew our minds to the will of Jesus Christ daily. May the grace, mercy, and peace of the true and living God eternally rest rule and abide upon  us all in Jesus name!!!

Lloyd C



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