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Greetings in the Holy name of Jesus King of Kings Lord of Lords!!


Our days are days of the great falling away that the Apostle Paul spoke of  as he

instructed Timothy. Modern age preachers and teachers of this day has gotten

away from sound doctrine. Man has abandoned the service of the true and

living God and  have submitted themselves to man pleasing and man worship.

The Spirit of the true and living God The Holy Ghost is the most important man.

He is the agent Christ Jesus declared would be the comforter who would teach

us all things and bring all things to our remembrance. Man’s thirst and hunger

clearly isn’t for the Kingdom of God through Christ Jesus. Covetousness and

also greed concealed as God’s service more directed for the purpose of men

than the Kingdom of God. Jesus declared straight is the gate and narrow is the

way that lead to life there will be few who find it. This could be reasoned

because man is not seeking the will of God.

Religion God has always disliked man’s way to pleasing God. Truth being told

God the Father is only pleased by one thing HIS SON!! Jesus blood is the sole

basis  the Father will be pleased  . He is a holy God who has no fellowship with

sin or evil or anything that would exalt itself above the will of The True and

Living God. Religion or man’s practices or futile exercise to please God the

Father through works. It is written the only works that please God the Father is

the perfected holy work of Jesus on the cross. The purpose of God has , will,

and always will prevail. It is vain and foolish not to realize that God’s word is

settle in heaven forever. Religion, do exactly the opposite and add to , and take

away from the word of God. Man vain attempt to justify their willful ignorance

of  God’s righteousness. Jesus hated religion and repeatedly rebuked the

religious leaders of his day. Man has been fiercely aggressive in following the

error of the self righteous leaders of Jesus day. Vain words flood pulpits all

over the world foolishly and vainly attempting make the Cross of Christ of no

effect. Please advise whomsoever believe Jesus is the way the, truth, and the

life. We must all be born again of the Spirit of the True and living God The Holy

Ghost. We are instructed to walk in the newness of life in Jesus perfecting the

purpose and the will of God on earth as it is in heaven. May the mercy of God

rest rule and abide upon you!!!


Lloyd C




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