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Resurrection of Life , The Resurrection Damnation

The Resurrection of Life and the Resurrection of Damnation has been spoken of by Jesus (John 5:29). The life of Christ Jesus and the inheritance of the household of faith is tied to the resurrection . God the Father‘s purpose being fulfilled through his son Christ Jesus. Likewise those that would pursue Christ would be partakers of the resurrection of life according to(Matt.25:34) there good works in the faith of Jesus. Those that would reject the purpose of God and the provision of Jesus on the cross and being evil in rebellion of God’s word it is written there resurrection would be that of damnation (Matt.25:41) .

Jesus’s resurrection of life has been and will be the only basis for everlasting fellowship with God the Father through Christ Jesus. Many false teachers and deceitful workers make light of the operation of faith through the spirit of God through Jesus(Galatians 3:3-5) . Satan the Devil works hard to lead man astray from the faith of Jesus by the spirit and the power of the resurrection. Religion is based upon the works of the law thus such would be subject to the curse of sin and death (Galatians 3:10). Religion tend to reject the provision of God thus man’s vain attempt to present man’s cursed works to God (Isaiah 64:6). Only Christ Jesus work on the cross is acceptable to God the Father thus the perfection of the Resurrection of Life through Christ Jesus!!

Lloyd C

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