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Debt Addiction can this be?? People penchant for cash now generally leads one to resort to borrowing that in many instances will not be repaid. As it appears the global world production has a gross imbalance as multinational companies import jobs into portions of the world in which cheap labor is prevalent. Many people in develop parts of the world or either under or unemployed many unable to offset the loss of job income resort to borrowing money to repay debts. Humans will do what is necessary to survive this would appear to be a modest instance of a over reliance of using debt. Debt in moderation can be a means to bridge cash shortages to the completion of the production loop in which there is enough monies to cover the cost of debt to render a profit unto those that seek it. Debt use upon consumption is completely and totally a different beast. Where there is consumption this infer no production and where there is not production there isn’t no basis for profit. Excessive debt is compounded greatly when it is consumed versus being applied toward income production thus the economic chaos of the global world as we know.

Our great world economic system seem bend on proceeding with this habitual display of debt creation and unjust weights and balances. People may have different reasons for using debt the common factor remains the debt abuse will lead one into financial bondage. Simply a debt contract isn’t going to be canceled as a investment contract could be. Debt of I.O.U’s are valid contracts that can could be forgiven generally this would not be a option. What incentive would a party have in canceling a debt if there isn’t any alternative consideration available from the debtor? If the debtor had any monies why would the debtor borrow for reasons other than production income? Our world is driven by trends and fads many of them costly and many people go into great expense to acquire items they would otherwise could not afford. Debt for many is as a magic wand get what i want now and pay later. This could and has been a destructive point of view to have for more than the obvious reasons. With Central Banks printing more currency as ever before and through this action reduces the value of the currency thus reducing the debt of the party printing the currency. In spite of all of this promoters of debt will continue to distribute those overpriced bondage inflicting instruments to the detriment of the borrower. Like the drug abuser the debt abuser must come to the place and say NO!!

Lloyd C



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