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Praise Jesus Christ the Risen Savior to whom is Glory and Majesty and dominion and power both now and forever Jude (1:25)!!

God‘s purpose for our complete well being must be complete in those that strive

to live Godly 2 Peter 2 (1:5-7). Mankind was made for the purpose of serving The

True and Living God . We are to be for his  pleasure Rev(4:11)  we are not of our

own we are brought with a price 1 Corinthians (6-20). Be reminded we are to

colonize the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven God’s purpose FIRST

Numbers 13 (27-31)! He is the first fruit of our lives!!


Our life isn’t really our own God’s life is in us through Christ Jesus! God’s way

drawn us closer to him and our ways drive us apart from him. God’s thoughts

are higher than our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8). God’s thoughts are to keep us in

oneness with me. Our thoughts are to please our flesh which displeases God

(Romans 8:7) cause flesh and blood will not inherit The Kingdom of God (1

Corinthians 15:50). Thus we must examine ourselves daily to prove our own

faith in God (James 1:3)

Lloyd C

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