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God Seeker Or Mammon Seeker Revisited!!

Glory to The King of Kings Lord of Lords In Jesus Name and the sweet communion of the Holy Ghost!!

The spirit of God through Christ Jesus had a response to those that follow after

him. These days many people profess King Jesus as Lord and Saviour! Many

proclaim Jesus as there’s in this instance as Jesus address those that sought him

he gave them a reason why they sought him John(6:27).  The question i ask

myself am i seeking The Lord for who he is ? Or for what he can provide? . Our

days are filled with much teaching and preaching concerning money, gain , and

materials. One could be confused as the Jews was when he told them

Labor not for the meat that perish but for the meat that endured to everlasting

life” . Seeking the Kingdom of God appears to have little merit these days Matt

(6:33) . Most of our days are working for mammon (materials of this life) which

begs to ask where do the time for personal prayer, worship,   for  the King occur

outside of the church?

The Lord has instructed us in the Word that we cannot serve God and

mammon Matt (6:24). Surely we will love one and hate the other we all have

had this question are at least one should i do  myself daily. Our faith in God


become compromised.  Our world economies are fragile as never before

with a middle class which  is rapidly becoming non existent. Have a faith in God

man’s system has failed and God has allowed it 1 Corinthians 1. The

encouragement is to seek the Kingdom of God Matt (6:33) . Strive to use

mammon in moderation we must choose more of God or more of this world? It

has been written he that love the world the love of the Father is not in them

John (2:15).

Our unseen God requires the first fruit (Ezekiel 44:30) that goes beyond

mammon of course our time, love , those things God gave us. God gave us also

the ability to earn wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18) that his covenant may be

established on earth and that we may help the poor. Our possessions was not

meant to become our God or to esteem so greatly to make the Lord of no effect

. Jesus declared that a man’s life do not consist of what he have (Luke 12:15)

our life is hid in Christ Jesus (Colossians 3:3) we are instructed to die to this

world.  Gaining more mammon outside of the purpose of God to brag and boost

is evil according to the scriptures

Lloyd C




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