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God’s Kingdom Man’s Kingdom

Greetings in Jesus Name justified by The Holy Ghost!!


Happy Thanksgiving to all!! Thanks and the giving of it confirms the glorious work of the true and living God! (Psalms 50:14)

Thankfulness is close in relation to God’s fruit of Faith (Gal.5:22)  considering the earth and it inhabitants bear witness of the earth and the record

of God’s word (1 John 5:7). All  things is made by him and for him it is his pleasure to do his will (Phil.2:13) thus it is a blessing to give thanks. The

household of faith more so are needful to give more attention  and thanks for the provision the King of Glory provides (Psalms 111:5). The

Kingdom of God we must seek (Matt 6:33) and to do so with the giving of thanks. Being thankful is equal to being of one mind and one accord

the basis of true spirit fellowship (Phil.2:2)  . I am being reminded it is thanksgiving thus i am signing off!!

To whomsoever would recieve to God to the glory!!!! (Romans 1:4)!!


Happy Thanksgiving


Lloyd C





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