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November 29, 2011

Glory to King Jesus and also The Holy Ghost given to those justified by the Blood of the Lamb! Jesus stated (Matt. 7:14) walk in the narrow path or way! God‘s protection and provision is in his Word ( Deuteronomy 10 17:19) provided the joint heirs of The Kingdom of God walk in the Word.  […]


November 29, 2011

Praise Jesus Christ the Risen Savior to whom is Glory and Majesty and dominion and power both now and forever Jude (1:25)!! God‘s purpose for our complete well being must be complete in those that strive to live Godly 2 Peter 2 (1:5-7). Mankind was made for the purpose of serving The True and Living […]


November 28, 2011

This is the day The King of Kings Lord of Lords has made to  the Glory of God the father and the household of faith justified my  The Holy Ghost!!   Walk in the spirit is the encouragement the beloved Apostle Paul stated to the Galatians (GAL 5). The message apply’s today for without the […]

God Seeker Or Mammon Seeker Revisited!!

November 26, 2011

Glory to The King of Kings Lord of Lords In Jesus Name and the sweet communion of the Holy Ghost!! The spirit of God through Christ Jesus had a response to those that follow after him. These days many people profess King Jesus as Lord and Saviour! Many proclaim Jesus as there’s in this instance as […]

God’s Kingdom Man’s Kingdom

November 24, 2011

Greetings in Jesus Name justified by The Holy Ghost!!   Happy Thanksgiving to all!! Thanks and the giving of it confirms the glorious work of the true and living God! (Psalms 50:14) Thankfulness is close in relation to God’s fruit of Faith (Gal.5:22)  considering the earth and it inhabitants bear witness of the earth and the […]


November 22, 2011

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ and those kept by The Holy Ghost!!   I am reminded am my trust in God’s  plan or Man’s system? Do i surrender and throw away faith in God’s promise because i am not seeing the results? The questions could go on we can be assured the The […]


November 22, 2011

Debt Addiction can this be?? People penchant for cash now generally leads one to resort to borrowing that in many instances will not be repaid. As it appears the global world production has a gross imbalance as multinational companies import jobs into portions of the world in which cheap labor is prevalent. Many people in […]


November 22, 2011

Money lenders strive to perform a service for a profit. The service is being a lender that loan money to borrowers for a sufficient enough of a spread to cover the cost of business. There are many faucets to the money lending industry. Payday loans tend to be the most recognize of money lenders. Money […]

Believing The True and Living God

November 21, 2011

Kingdom of God through Christ Jesus provide provision, and  promises that most of us do not always believe. Our needs being met, being afforded protection, and shelter in the time of storms both spiritually and naturally. Citizenship in the Kingdom such provide some assurance in the midst of difficult times. Faith in God and relying […]


November 21, 2011

The Interstate Financial Group Inc.(I.F.G.Inc) is a dual agent lender/broker in some instances relative to funding and arranging financing as a hard money lender. I.F.G. Inc. strive top provide services for funders or money lenders and borrowers through both becoming shareholders. The parties would be fellow shareholders and would also be guaranteed the respective services […]